About us

At EJ3Design we make the work reliable, faster, and efficient.

We’re taking progressively harder challenges to improve our commitment with the client creating new standards for better results. This is what drives the work we do.

EJ3Design is an architectural drafting service that was established in Houston Texas in 2007, with experience in 2D & 3D drafting. We are focused on Roof measurement reports for estimates, 3D photo-realistic images and 3D floor plan services providing extensive CAD solutions for architecture, engineering, and construction.   

Standard roof report –
Involved with architectural drawing allows us to interpret and develop the Standard roof report product that is intended for a wide varied field of professionals. The report has the purpose of delivering accurate and complete roof information from an aerial view, architectural design, drone pictures, or sketches. The format has been designed through 8 pages well-organized and in which you can generate estimates, bid proposals, or presentations for your customers.

Standard report services provided by EJ3design include:

Sample Reports:

Standard residential Reports

Standard Commercial Reports

One of the attributes of the Standard report is that this product tolerates up to 3 different structures or materials with separate estimates and can be customized in case you need specific data.

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From the presentation to the accuracy of the work, the mission is to help the client to achieve and generate better results with the detail provided, in that way, maintaining a relationship of trust helps us keep expanding our business in the United States and Canada.
To continue growing, Ej3 Design works day by day looking for a better way to improve accuracy and presentation through Zoning and Planning maps and GIS Mapping. The commitment and the trust of our clients give us the security and support to keep moving forward and guaranteeing the delivery of Standard reports during 4-6 business hours.
Our experience in architectural design, 3D design, accuracy, cost-effective, and turnaround time, are some of the reasons that make the difference.
From the Owner:
“EJ3desing was created in 2007 with experience in Roof Measurements since 2009. We are located in Houston Texas to provide Roof reports solutions for contractors, realtors, home designers, insurance claims and professionals involved in roof estimating and repair all across the country.
Our first commitment is to provide timely reports for your estimated repairs, as roof industries are growing we put every effort to give our clients the best product and service.”
Esteban Ruiz